Choose the best way leading to perpetual peace

The Lord Buddha preached that it is the most difficult thing to control the mind of the human. As one can control its mind comprehensively, it can be called ‘Samadhi’. It is designed to conquer the mind.
The movement of the mind is the most wonderful thing. It is difficult to control and restrict the mind but those who can control their minds as they like possess the willpower which can shape anything as they expect. Practically, the persons having the willpower may derail from the correct truth to reach the perpetual peace which can help escape from the Samsara.
“Nibbana” is a goal for all Buddhists to enjoy the essence of perpetual peace in which physical and mental structures thoroughly come to an end. In truth, even those who take meditation may not reach such a step. The persons who have been building themselves with thirty varieties of Parami which is a word of Pali defined as the noblest practices which focus on serving the interests of others with wonderful donations and sacrifices related to even lives and limbs.
Whatever it may be, nobody should be disappointed in serving the interests to accumulate the advantages of Parami. Everybody needs to step up inch by inch during the Samsara as they all lead to their own lives. Today’s efforts are a good result for tomorrow. So, today’s efforts for accumulating advantages of Parami would be root causes for the future. So, these will contribute to them along the route to the Nibbana.
Importantly, everybody who exercises the practices of good deeds leading to the Nibbana needs to forge goodwill. There are two ways to win willpower. One of the two is taking meditation to build the Samadhi and another one is to forge goodwill. In this regard, those who walk on the path of exercising the good will need to disperse loving-kindness and compassion to all living beings at any time.
If so, everybody can know the importance of the mind to control it and others. Mainly, they have to control their minds not to reach the inappropriate ways which lead to the opposition of Nibbana. Consequently, those who lead to the opposition of good deeds would never escape from the devil Samsara.
As such, everybody needs to notice the value of mind and willpower, and they have to choose the best option for their ways leading to their goals. Their options will shape their futures and their futures will shape their Samsara without fail.


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