Choose the best ways to lead the youths


The group of youths is a category of the society, gradually growing up their maturity to become adults. As youths are immature not only in terms of their physical and mental strengths but also in knowledge accumulation, all adults in society should control those youths by paving the best way for their future life.
Indeed, the youths are standing as a linkage age between childhood and adulthood. They are in the age of life for seeking the best knowledge and techniques to be applied in life in the long run. But they need leaders and trainers for marching toward the goal without derailment from their ways. That is why parents and teachers from the schools play a crucial role in controlling the life of youths.
Those parents and teachers are responsible for management to give training to those youths to have practices of ethical moral and physical behaviours, how they need to do activities in society, how to contact the elder ones with politeness and how to exercise social ethics practically. These ethical morals are not difficult but very important. If the youths have the knowledge about thorough practices of ethical morals, they will see the best gateway of the society how to enter and how to manage their daily moves without leadership in the society. They need to know how to apply a self-reliant basis in all things.
The youths need to take leadership and follow the directives of leaders. Hence, parents and teachers should guide them in their learning period. They can learn everything from their parents and teachers as much as they can. Depending on the capacity of accumulating knowledge from parents and teachers, the value of those youths will be different. Consequently, the qualification of the youths will be in diversity.
Different qualifications of the youths will be a basic factor for their future life. It will be a drive for deploying them in the positions of society. It will be their fate. It cannot be repaired because their fate has adopted decisions for them on what positions they should take. These diverse positions will be beautiful for society.
Everybody needs to understand that a good start will be the best end. Hence, all adults must pave the excellent way for the youths to be able to walk along it to secure the best goal in their life.

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