Circumambulation of pagoda ceremony held on full moon day of Kason

The festival to perform the circumambulatory walking round the Uppatasanti Pagoda while holding lit candles in hand to pay obeisance to the full moon day of Kason (Buddha Day) was organized yesterday.
First, they gathered at the Tabaung compound and the students in the Byadate vehicle that depicts (seeking to prophesy of Buddha) holding Sasana flags and lit candles took positions in front of the eastern way of the pagoda while the ministries’ staff in the Phwa vehicle (birth of Buddha) at the northern way of the pagoda, the students in the Pwint vehicle (attained Enlightenment) at the western way of the pagoda and the ministries’ staff in San vehicle (Parinirvana of Buddha) at the southern way of the pagoda holding flags and lit candles in their hands.
The students and staff went to the pagoda platform at the same time and erected the flags and candles at the designated locations.
A total of 1,080 students and ministerial staff participated in the ceremony. — MNA/KTZH

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