Citizens can make or break a great state

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Although people are talking about rights, they tend to forget that rights imply duties. Matter-of-factly, rights and duties are the two sides of the same coin. The state guarantees certain fundamental rights to the citizens. At the same time, citizens are expected to perform certain duties and obligations. A duty implies an obligation to do or not to do something.
In this regard, it is worth mentioning that rights are limited in the sense that they impose upon the individual the duty to see that he does not interfere in any way with the enjoyment of similar rights of others. In fact, every right involves an obligation to use it properly. When the word duty is mentioned, it should be noted that duties may be legal and/or moral; a moral duty is recognised and enforced by our sense of morality and justice whereas the legal duties entail punishment by the state in the event of non-performance.
Amidst the important duties, allegiance or loyalty to the state is the supreme duty of a citizen, who must not betray his country’s interests. Secondly, to respect the constitution is the sacred duty of every citizens. Again, a citizen must be law abiding. Thirdly, citizens should pay their taxes honestly and readily. In fact, evasion of taxes is an offence in all states. In the fourth place, the most fundamental political right of  a citizen is the right to vote. However, citizens ought to exercise this right honestly and sincerely, for bad and dishonest choice results in the election of corrupt and dishonest representatives. In the fifth place, every citizen has a duty to render public service when called upon to do so. Likewise, those elected or appointed to public offices should render their services honestly and efficiently without fear or favour. In a nutshell, citizens should actively participate in the management of public affairs, developing public spirit and social conscience.
The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM) would like to encourage all citizens to be dutiful being aware that a state is what its citizens make it.

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