Civil aviation department to take action against UAE pilot flying in no-fly zone

The Department of Civil Aviation has released an official notice to take suitable action against the pilot of a UAE Emirates flight for flying close to a prohibited airspace.
The department will also send an official notice to the civil aviation department on the UAE’s side, so that the relevant airline and department can perform the necessary investigations and contact Myanmar’s side.
Director U Soe Paing of the civil aviation department told reporters that his department had sent a notice to the Dubai-based airline via an operation manager in Yangon yesterday. “They will have their own procedures on how to deal with this. They will reply informing us about the course of action they will take,” said U Soe Paing. He added that his department would soon send an official notice to the UAE side about the action they would take.
The civil aviation department has restricted any aircraft from flying below an altitude of 24,000 feet over the Yangon civil area, including the Shwedagon Pagoda. However, on 20 March at 6.55 p.m., a Boeing 777-31H(ER), en route from Yangon to Phnom Penh, flew at a low altitude over Yangon City.
Upon investigation, the pilot replied that he crossed the restricted airspace due to weather conditions.
“He said that soon after takeoff, the weather was not favourable for flying and to avoid potential danger to the passengers, he meant to turn the plane around and passed through the no-fly zone,” said Director U Soe Paing. “However, international rules indicate that under no circumstances should an aircraft cross the no-fly zone. We will take action according to standard protocol.”— Shin Min

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