Civil Service Academy

By U Khin Maung (A retired diplomat)

It is really a heart-warming news that the opening ceremony of the “Civil Service Academy” was held on 2nd December 2016, at the Central Institute of Civil Service, Upper Myanmar, Pyin Oo Lwin Township, Mandalay Region. The Civil Service Academy is aimed at providing basic training for cadets and post-graduate management diploma courses for civil servants. His Excellency, the Vice President U Myint Swe has honoured the inauguration ceremony of the Civil Service Academy with his presence and has also made a speech, it was learnt. So, may I present to you the essential points of H.E, Vice President’s speech as follows:
“If we are required to make political and economic reforms we need to change the administration sector, which is need to implement those changes. In doing so, it is important to amend laws, rules and procedures and at the same time attitudes and capacities of civil servants play an important role. In any sector, government or private, in a country, resources are very important in implementing any kind of sectors including management and service.
At present, the Civil Service Academy has two more subjects for the course participants to learn-English and Information Technology which are urgently needed for Civil Service personnel to master these days. They will be added to 5 conventional subjects, management, economics, social science, political science and law. On the same day, i.e, 2nd December 2016, another Civil Service Academy was inaugurated at the Central Institute of Civil Service (Lower Myanmar) in Phaunggyi, Hlegu Township with the presence of Pyithu Hluttaw, Speaker, U Win Myint. To the credit of these two heart-warming news and to the credit of so many other tasks for peace, economic development, national unity and harmony etc, undertaken by the incumbent government, I would like to say humbly and yet firmly as a retiree and a nonentity, that the democratically elected incumbent government is winning the hearts and minds of the people.
Well, my dear reader, in connection with the process of learning, may I present to youwhat, I, myself, have learnt from ny teachers, scholars, etc, but only in summary.
“There is a concept that learning has the beginning but has no end whereas ignorance has no beginning but has an end. Now, a new era or a new age is all upon us. It is as we all know, knowledge age or intellectually challenging age. So, in this day and and age, what would happen to a country, if it were completely lacking in or devoid of educated and learned citizens. I darge not imagine.
There are so many proverbs or old sayings and writings by many scholars concerning learning and knowledge. MR. Norman Lweis, an American writer, has expressed in his book, “Word Power Made Easy” Quote “no educative process is ever the end, it is always the beginning of more education, more learning, more living” Unquote.
And concerning the light and power of knowledge, may I present to you a short poem that I have learnt. If loosely translated in English. I think, it will read as follows:
“Of the lights, fire light, moon light and sunlight: moon light is brighter than fire light; sun light is bvrighter than moon light”.
Ah, “the light of knowledge” is the brightest of all. No light is there brighter than the light of knowledge: As such, our Lord Buddha has preached. Therefore, all and sundry, each and everybody should strive to acquire knowledge. A good knowledge is just like a Badeithabin tree, a tree of plenty, with an inexhaustible store”.
Now, so many, many thanks to our incumbent government for the inauguration of Civil Service Academy, one in Pyin Oo Lwin and another in Phaunggyi, Hlegu Township, on the same day, with a noble and high aim to train the civil service personnel to expand their horizons and to instill a love of learning into them, so as toupdate and upgrade themselves.
Well, I am afraid that I might have consumed so much of your precious time. Not blowing my own trumpet, please allow me to mention that I was born and brought up in a small village. When I was ten years old, my much far-sighted father gave me modern education, as mentioned by my father, meaning I was sent to, first, a private school to learn English, and then to State High School in Yamethin. My parents were very, very poor. Father was just a traditional medicine practitioner and mother was a road-side-vendor. So poor was my parents that I was granted best to make a name. Fortunately after graduation I passed the B.C.S competitive examination. B.C.S (Burma Civil Service) hardworking, and especially for my legal knowledge and experience, I was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I served at the Ministry and retired with the rank of deputy director-general.
I am an oldie, in my eightieth years, with one foot in the grave. In Addition to my pension. I can still earn some other income, by teaching English to the younger generation. And believe me, I am still learning English law, management, and basic information technology. Why? Because I firmly believe that learning is a never-ending process. Therefore, we should learn and grow, intellectually, as the days go by. My sincere advice to all the civil servants, who are generally the age of my grand children. You all are earning for a living, with your knowledge, technological talent, tech-know and management stills. At the same time, my humble advice is; go on learning to upgrade and update yourselves. In essence, ‘’earn and learn” please. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Thank you.

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ထို ့ေၾကာင့္ မ်ားစြာ၊ လူတကာ၊
ပညာရေအာင္ ၾကိဳး၊
ပညာေကာင္းမွာ၊ ပေဒသာ၊ သံုးရာ

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