Clarification by Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun, Leader of the Information Team of the State Administration Council, on investigations to expose the accurate facts about the death of Win Neinmitayon Monastery Sayadaw Bhaddanta Munindabhivamsa of Bago in the incident which happened near Kamma Village of Ngazun Township, Mandalay Region

Today, I would like to respectfully submit a supplication to members of the Sangha and disciples to know the truth about the death of Win Neinmitayon Monastery Sayadaw Bhaddanta Munindabhivamsa of Bago in the incident which happened near Kamma Village of Ngazun Township in Mandalay Region.
First, we respectfully pay homage dedicating to the attributes of a former member of the State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee, Win Neinmitayon Monastery Sayadaw Bhaddanta Munindabhivamsa of Bago, who has been offered Aggamaha Ganthavacaka Pandita title, Aggamaha Pandita title and Aggamaha Saddhammajotikadhaja title. Likewise, I also respectfully pay homage to Kanthonhsint Buddhism Learning Centre Sayadaw Bhaddanta Gunikabhivamsa, who was injured in the incident.
Venerable Sayadaws and disciples,
The incident occurred at 10:30 am on 19 June. Before the incident, it is necessary to know the conditions of the region. Ngazun-Myotha region is a place where PDF terrorists from the Sagaing Region and northern Mandalay Region, under the disguise of villagers, often collect extorted money and commit to taking hostages and blowing up mines. At about 6 pm on 18 June, about five PDF terrorists in civilian clothes drove three motorcycles along Myotha Village road and fired at Myotha police station. In that incident, one police member and an innocent ordinary villager residing near the police station lost their lives. At about 6:30 am on 19 June, residents informed that the PDF terrorist group took a vehicle from the Pyi Sone Aung bus line running Sameikkhon-Mandalay to Phaungkataw-Thakyin area, northwest of Kamma Village. So, security forces from Ngazun in two groups marched to the Phaungkataw-Thakyin area along the eastern and western routes from Ngazun to take security measures. At about more than 10 am, the security forces from the west route exchanged fire with some 20 PDF terrorists near Phaungkataw Village due to blowing up mines. Terrorists retreated to the southern part (Kamma Village) where this incident occurred. Both sides have casualties. At the same time, noisy firing was heard from Kamma Village, where the security force marched along the eastern route. The security forces quickly marched along the east path to block the terrorists fleeing from the Phaungkataw-Thakyin area, which took an aforesaid vehicle. That security force found a Surf car with a number plate for the public on the road near the pagoda of Kamma Village. Those from the security force’s vehicle shouted to stop the Surf with hand postures. Finally, they shot up to stop the Surf. It was generally known that when the Surf overtook, the security forces from the vehicle shot it to stop. Hence, the incident will be investigated in more detail.
Venerable Sayadaws and disciples,
Tatmadaw members serving security duties in that region are facing many difficulties. PDF terrorists, under the disguise of civilians in civilian clothes, attack innocent people and security forces in various ways. It is difficult to verify immediately whether they are enemies or civilians. Security forces are trying hard to safeguard towns and villages as well as ordinary people in those situations.
All Buddhists know that Tatmadaw has been propagating and strengthening the culture, language and religion in Myanmar actively up to now. Taking advantage of this incident, malicious media, NUG, and PDF terrorists are stipulating the people for disturbances in time. So far, NUG and PDF terrorists have killed 140 monks and two nuns and attacked 96 monks injured. It can be seen that anyone does not talk about these deaths and injuries. Hence, I would like to request everybody to take care of these incidents.
Venerable Sayadaws and disciples,
With regard to that incident, we regret the loss of a treasured member of the Sangha in Patiyatti Sasana. An investigation team with the participation of high-ranking officers will be formed to expose the incident. Due to the findings of the investigation, necessary action will be taken.
We pledge to join hands with members of the Sangha to serve the interests of Buddhism.
Buddha Sasama Ciram Titthatu

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14 July 2024