Clay pot businesses in Ngathayauk prepping for toddy sap collection season

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Clay pots used in collecting toddy sap are transported by car to the domestic market.  Photo: Ko Htein

Traditional potters are preparing to ramp up the production of the clay pots for the coming toddy sap collecting season, said U Nay Lin, a clay pot maker in Ngathayauk town, NyaungU Township, Mandalay Region.
Taunggon village in Ngathayauk town has been relying on earthen pot making businesses for generations. The villagers execute that business on a commercial scale and send the pots to other regions and states.
The villagers are preparing the necessary raw materials before toddy sap collection season.
Those clay pots from Ngathayauk town are popular among toddy plant climbers. A climber can carry up to seven pots around his waist, said U Myint Maung, a toddy plant climber.
“A small clay pot is worth K120 in the village. We made approximately 250,000 pots for the toddy palm season. Traders come and buy in Taunggon village,” said Daw San Yon, a potter.
“A clay pot can hold three litres of toddy sap. The clay pots for drinking water are also popular. Other pots for flower vase (Buddhist offering) and earthen pots for cooking, earthen toys and money saving box are sold as well. The clay pots from Ngathayauk town are famous for its quality,” she added.
The clay pot brokers from Taungtha, NyaungU, Bagan, Chauk and Kyaukpadaung townships come the village to buy the pots, potters said.
There are three kilns for pottery in Taunggon village and the villagers drew lots to use the kilns.
A household normally makes over 200 pots a day.
The prices of earthen pots vary depending on design, size and quality.—Ko Htein (KPD)/GNLM

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