Clean government needs righteous staff members

  • To bring well-being to our country and its people, it will take a lot to end poverty: strong growth, more infrastructural investments, increased agricultural productivity, a better business environment, jobs, education, and quality healthcare.
    Challenges await on the road to this goal. A responsible government with clean governance does not shy away from the challenges. Among these challenges is corruption.
    Merely free from corruption is not enough for the government, which guarantees responsibility and accountability, to earn trust from the people. The cleanliness of the government should be beyond doubt by the people.
    The number of cabinet members of the incumbent government is less than 30. Hence, the civil servants in the administrative sector who have to directly provide services to the people are required to be free from corruption to secure our image as a developed country with integrity.
    To tackle corruption, taking action against officials and civil servants in the administrative sector is not easy, as it is taking action against members of the government.
    Hence, all staff members of the civil service sector should commit themselves to be free from corruption and malpractice, and should maintain their reputations.
    We should be aware of the fact that a country that does not deliver “clean” services will choke its engine of growth.
    There is no doubt that corruption remains a problem and has a corrosive effect on trust and on good governance, and it also undermines the central principle of democracy.
    To grasp the opportunities and to tackle the challenges on the path we embarked toward a federal future, trust between civil servants and the communities that they serve is sine qua non. To build trust with the communities demands our civil servants to act with integrity, impartiality and accountability in all that they do.
    At the same time, civil servants deserve the right to be treated with respect and courtesy by the public. Establishing this mutual trust may take time, but will bring real and tangible benefits for all concerned.
    A clean government does not let its righteous go hungry, though it does not have magic power to fulfill the needs of its righteous overnight. Still, it is obliged to promote the well-being of its civil servants as best it can.
    If our civil servants work in the best in the interests of the people, realising their own individual and collective potential, our country will enjoy the fruits of development within a short time.
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