Clear disturbances and hindrances to the way of the nation

The primary duty of the Tatmadaw is to prevent external danger which encroaches on the sovereignty of the State and safeguard the national interests of the State and its citizens. Armed forces in the international community are protecting relevant countries against external dangers while police forces are handling internal armed terror acts and conflicts. In Myanmar, the Tatmadaw on its part is discharging security duty and solving internal armed conflicts for the people together with Myanmar Police Force.
In retrospect, the Tatmadaw joining hands with the ethnic people took a key role in the independence struggle. So also, the Tatmadaw is a main pillar to safeguard the independence of the nation. Significantly, the Tatmadaw is serving the assigned duties in building a new democratic nation the people aspire to in addition to the State defence duty.
For more than 70-year period, the Tatmadaw has been protecting the State and serving the duties of a national political leadership role. It is because some organizations and persons attempted to disintegrate the Union and committed destructive acts to cause utter devastation of the Union based on their own attitudes and political outlook, dogmatism, racism and Sectarianism.
According to the geopolitics and internal political situation, the Tatmadaw needs to continue its duties of ceasing ethnic armed conflicts, ensuring rule of law and undertaking the development of the nation as a national duty. On the other hand, it is necessary to develop the Tatmadaw facilitated with modern arms and ammunition. Hence, the Tatmadaw is being improved as a united, strong, capable and disciplined armed force.
In successive eras, some persons and organizations with different political outlooks cannot analyze the current political situation and committed encroachments on the Tatmadaw. Everybody wishes to see the country be modernized, peaceful, stable and prosperous. Although their directions may be different, their focal points are the same as a single goal. Their ways may be different but their target is the same to build the Union based on democracy and federalism.
As such, everybody needs to discard wrong things, wrongdoings, inappropriate attitudes and concepts so as to modernize a peaceful and prosperous country by exercising the multiparty democratic system for granting all the people to enjoy the fruits of development. They have to analyze the interference of some countries in the internal affairs of the motherland. All the people need to adopt the concept to build the nation on a self-reliant basis. If so, the way to the future of the nation will be straightened without any disturbances and hindrances.

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