Clear understanding of NVC, return process is sine qua non for accomplishment of repatriation

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Myanmar has a sincere desire to create conditions to receive displaced persons under the principle of a voluntary, safe and dignified return.
Myanmar is willing and ready to receive the verified returnees. Meanwhile, we are taking necessary steps to provide a livelihood for the returnees.
Unfortunately, a Myanmar delegation, which visited Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, discovered that some media incorrectly reported what the delegation had said.
The delegation was surprised to know that displaced persons at the camp had no knowledge about the National Verification Card (NVC) issuing process or the benefits of holding an NVC.
It is not normal that there are no returnees. Those we met at the camps have expressed their desire to come back. They must be provided with the forms that have been agreed upon by both sides.
The situation demands that we should raise awareness about the national verification process, and the eight benefits of holding an NVC prepared in the Myanmar and English languages.
Only if there is an understanding, will the displaced persons return and the repatriation works be accomplished.
In order for us to go ahead, we will need to have a clear understanding that this issue can best be resolved through mutual cooperation between the two countries namely, Myanmar and Bangladesh.
When the displaced persons return, they will be able to resume their lives. The most important thing is incorrect knowledge about the NVC. Only a few realize they will get their rights once they acquire the NVC.
On the other hand, the displaced persons worry about their freedom of movement, the period of stay at the transit centre, resettlement in their former locations and the right to apply for citizenship.
We are ready to launch the repatriation process. We have set up two reception camps and one transit centre and they are fully staffed with people from the security department, the Foreign Ministry, immigration, and people involved in the rehabilitation of returnees.
At the same time, the implementation of the recommendations on Rakhine State, and accepting of returnees and resettlement works must be done in accordance with the law.
The media plays an important role in the process of resettling displaced persons, and it should present the true situation.
With the cooperation of the media, we can overcome the obstacles that are in the way of the repatriation of those who have been displaced due to the violence in Rakhine.

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