Co-dependency, Dependency Culture, Self-help & Volunteerism

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Human beings live in society, helping each other. Living together, they fight against enemies and difficulties. Thus, they overcome hindrances and woes on their way, having a good time throughout their lives. Thus, their bonds become firm. Knowing that the stronger can protect the weak from dangers, enemies and beasts, the latter comes to rely upon the former, making him their leader. They respect their leader, believing that they can be free from dangers and conquer all trials and tribulations, if and when their leader is with them. In this way, reliance or dependence develops among human beings. We have found many kinds of dependence in our surroundings. It is not strange for the elderly to depend upon others for their survival. But we can also see some married couples, friends and mother and son who are too much dependent on each other emotionally. This kind of reliance is called codependency.
    Boys and girls who are young but not feeble are often seen asking for money at bus stands and in buses. In fact, they are lazy, always expecting easy money from others. Likewise some people depend too much on money from others, for example from institutions or the government. These kinds of people develop the practice of dependency culture. A banana republic is a poor country with a weak government that depends on foreign money. This is also a kind of dependency culture. Above-said two kinds of reliance are mostly found in our environment, but no one likes them. But they find no solution to get rid of these except for giving contemptuous looks. Excessive dependence is an unacceptable habit in our society, yet we fail to think of the way to help them to get out of the vicious circle for many decades. Meanwhile, people with disabilities who are willing and ready to help people in trouble and their fellow colleagues emerge in our country. They highlight to us that we should serve our societies and communities, at such a time when there are plenty of selfish persons in our world. We were really elated to hear the heartening news in our dailies these days.
    Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counsellor has been selecting the person who is worth congratulating among those from the citizens, philanthropists and social societies monthly, releasing their names to say words of thanks known to the public. Ma Aye Chan Aung aged 27 was selected as the person who was worth congratulating for the month of February 2017. Ma Aye Chan Aung was born with right eyesight innately deficient. At the age of 10 while in her primary education class, she lost eyesight of her left eye as well. Though she lost her eyesight totally, she tried her best without abandoning herself to despair. Due to her arduous efforts, the Office of State Counsellor released that she was selected as the person who was worth congratulating for the month of February.
    She and her fellow friends show that we are all brethren and that we should co-exist in the world, helping each other without yielding to any difficulties. Simultaneously, they show that we should develop the practice of living on self-help as much as we can and we ought to contribute our voluntary labour to serve our world and our people.
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