Co-ordination meeting on Y-8 plane crash held

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services attended the meeting held at 9 am yesterday at the meeting hall of the Office of Commander-in-Chief (Army) in Nay Pyi Taw.
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing said, “The event was a great loss of the Nation and Tatmadaw. Due to the concerted efforts of all the participants in the rescue operation, we gained success in a short period of time. While local people in Taninthayi Region including fishing vessels wholeheartedly helped, people across the nation and Tatmadaw families (army, navy and air) contributed much donation money. Loss of lives involved in this accident is assumed to be the loss of every individual in the nation. As regards the case of U Saw Naung who sacrificed his life in an attempt to search under water, we must take it into consideration. Depending upon weather condition, search work will be carried out again.”
Afterward, Rear-Admiral Moe Aung, Chief of Staff (navy) explained in detail about performances in order of dates of performance during the period from 7 June to 2 July and situations on the cooperative search for the wreckage by combining 13 naval marine vessels and 26 fishing vessels of Htoo Htoo Toe Company, Pyae Phyo Htun Company, Khine Zin Yaw Company and U Min Oo Company, divers from the Tatmadaw (navy) and local organizations, findings of dead bodies and wreckage, transportation matters and further arrangements for search work to be carried by 9 naval marine vessels, 8 local fishing vessels and 9 diver-soldiers.
Afterward, Major General Maung Maung Kyaw, Chief of Staff (Air) clarified in detail about history of Y-8 (5820) and its flights, records received from radars about the crash, weather conditions received from weather satellite and radars at the time of the accident, patterns of downdraft, performances of search-work carried out by 3 aircrafts owned by Tatmadaw (Air) and 2 helicopters, situations of discovering Flight Data Recorder—FDR and Cockpit Voice Recorder—CVR found from the sea, putting on record—a total of 261 pieces of wreckage recovered during the period from 8 June to 2 July by categorizing into Nose Section, Middle Fuselage and Rear Section and situations on investigation team consisting of third party group, with Lt General Hsan Oo, Adjutant-General explaining matters on prompt acquisition of donation money received for the families of the victims in the crash, adoption and receiving rights. Lt Gen Nyo Saw, Quarter-master General explained resettlement and arrangement of employments for the bereaved family members.
Finally, the Senior General said that making arrangements for the acquisition of rights, other supports including their living, education and health, are to be given to bereaved families and it must be done for taking news and information about weather conditions. Simultaneously, it is necessary for all to carry out search works up to the latest situation, expressed the Senior General.—Myanmar News Agency

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