Code of Conduct & Code of Practice

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Code of Practice means a set of principles that members of a particular profession agree to follow in their work. Code means a set of moral principles or rules of behavior that are generally accepted by society or a social group. Conduct is a person’s behavior in a particular place or in a particular situation. So, code of practice can be rendered into Myanmar as က်င့္၀တ္စည္းမ်ဥ္း စည္းကမ္း and code of conduct as က်င့္၀တ္သိကၡာ. In fact, both are connected with morals. Code of practice is generally thought to be used in a particular profession. For example, a medical doctor must follow the medical ethics, so if he gets involved in committing an abortion, he can be said to have violated the medical ethics, conducting an immoral practice. Likewise, a lawyer must not give bribes to a judge to decide in favor of the case he is pleading and similarly he must not make his clients give bribes to a judge who judges the case. This is a kind of malpractice. It seems that these corrupt practices are spreading in our country like a pandemic disease and destroying our society.
    Greed drives a person to be induced by money. Hence, certain officials tend to misuse and abuse authority conferred upon them to perform certain administrative tasks and certain judicial functions of the government. In this way they are not above violating rules and laws for their personal benefits. Moral bankruptcy can reduce anyone to a person of disgrace and dishonor. In fact, they do not realize they are ruining their dignity themselves. Though not born out of rich families, they have a tendency to show their ostentatious mass of wealth that amounts to the extent that their possessions will not come to nothingness even if their family spends for their whole lives. Ostentation of their wealth which comes from dubious ways or immoral practices depicts that they are people of moral bankruptcy. They seem to neglect that people are pointing fingers at them and their offspring without their knowledge. Though they are now free from punishment by law, they are surely receiving pejorative looks from people. This is the direct punishment from the people. Those who committed high treason such as the assassination of the martyrs led by Bogyoke Aung San received punishments respectively, but their unforgivable deeds will continue to cast gloomy shadows on their innocent descendants for years to come.
    We all are responsible to bolster the deteriorating condition of moral bankruptcy of the people, so that the future of our youths will be brighter. If this dangerous problem goes on totally neglected without any action taken to correct the situation, our society will be ruined. The only remedy to cure this moral bankruptcy is the implementation of rule of law in the whole society across the nation. Our President himself said that the emergence of the Constitution which would guarantee the betterment of all citizens is of great importance. The President gave us the remedy we urgently need. If we are intentionally negligent of our duties to perform our national cause, we ourselves will become culprits that destroy the future of our younger generation. Let us save our children’s future by teaching them the importance of adhering to the professional ethics, code of practice and code of conduct of each respective profession.
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