Collection of antiquities brings hope for emergence of Shwe Settaw Museum

P9 72The Board of Trustees of the Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda in Minbu are collecting antiques related to the history of the pagoda in an effort to establish a museum that would permanently display the artifacts.
Cultural art objects and antiquities dedicated to the pagoda in the past successive periods have not yet found a place for public display.
The history of the pagoda tells us that in the 12th year after Lord Buddha attained his Enlightenment, He came to this area with a retinue of 500 followers.
Mann Shwe Settaw (The Golden Footprints) pagoda is one of the most venerated pagodas in Myanmar. There are two foot prints, namely the Auk Set Taw Ya, or the Lower, and the Ahtet Set Taw Ya, the Upper.
From fossils and other items from the Stone Age along with bricks, pipes, beads and earthenware from the Pyu era found near the Mann Creek have been collected in order to be displayed at the museum.
Supporters say antiquities of Konbaung era and colonial period would be a source of pride for those who care about the pagoda.
About 200 historic photos and the Buddha’s footprints in foreign countries have been collected by the pagoda’s board of trustees.
A museum dedicated not only to the pagoda but also to the history of Myanmar should be established in order to make historic items available for public viewing.— Kyaw Sein Win

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