Collective strength is vital for overcoming our challenges

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The end of the current 1379 ME is around the corner and we are also ready to bid farewell to the old year on the New Year’s Day which falls in mid-April. There is no denying that everybody has made some sort of New Year resolution, whether they realize it or not. Taken seriously New Year resolutions provide us with an opportunity to gauge our goals.
Our country, which needs stability and national reconciliation, is facing great challenges. Myanmar has not had total peace since it became an independent nation. This is why peace is the country’s most important goal. Without peace, we cannot achieve sustainable prosperity.
Our new President U Win Myint has outlined the priorities: Rule of law and improvement of the socio-economic life of the people, National Reconciliation and internal peace and amending the Constitution which is the foundation for building a Democratic Federal Republic.
In the main goals of our Union Government, the development of the socio-economic life of the people is included.
The country is facing various kinds of internal and external challenges while struggling and working for political, economic and social development. In order to overcome the challenges and eliminate the bad legacies of the past, and in order to fulfill the aspirations for the future of the country, we have encountered many opportunities for learning lessons. Out of all these, for the Union Government, the most important lesson was the priceless value of the understanding and support of our people. That is why in the coming year 1380, our Union Government has decided to keep in high regard “collective strength” in our efforts to overcome our country’s challenges.
Collective strength is most vital in building peace and stability which we need the most.
With our collective strength, we can build foundations of mutual respect and mutual understanding for ending armed conflicts which have existed for many years among the ethnic nationalities.
We would like to urge the people to assist and support the peace efforts of our Union Government as the country is moving towards national peace, stability and development with collective strength of the people, without discrimination based on race, religion and political beliefs.
Collective endeavors of the people will play a vital role in implementing the plans to be adopted by the Union Government as we enter the New Year.

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