Collectively participate in combatting fake news and false information

Media is of great importance in Myanmar’s endeavours of building a democratic nation in a discipline-flourishing multiparty democratic system. The role of the media is the fourth estate to ensure executive, judicial and legislative powers are straightening and righteous through a check and balance system.
Everybody and every organization need to abide by disciplines so as to strengthen the disciplined flourishing multiparty democratic nation. Only if they do, will they achieve success. First, they have to avoid the acts of derailing the activities against democracy from the democratic route. Any person or organization needs to follow the provisions stipulated in the Constitution.
As a fourth estate, the Myanmar Press Council has been constituted in order to manage the media issues in checking and balancing the national causes. All media persons need to keep the national interests fore. Although the Myanmar Press Council expresses true news of the country in a correct manner.
But, media encouraging terror attacks with instigation wedged by foreign countries are steadfastly mentioning the wrong information which may cause destruction to the country. It is because those who committed the destructionist acts do not wish to firmly emerge Myanmar as a disciplined flourishing multiparty democratic nation.
The Myanmar Press Council conducts training courses, holds talks with media persons in various regions and discusses the disadvantages of fake and fabricated news at universities, colleges and basic education schools across the nation to enhance the capacity of media persons and develop media measures. Moreover, the council often holds discussions and exchanges information with media countries from the ASEAN region and other global countries.
Responsible persons from the MPC who attended the World Press Freedom Day together with 23 countries in Nairobi of Kenya from 2 to 8 May 2022 and the Dili Dialogue Forum held in Timor-Leste on 25 and 26 August together with delegates from Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Myanmar in addition to UNESCO. At the meetings, Myanmar delegates explained the streaming of misinformation in the international community and true news about Myanmar.
Everybody can see the least true information streamlining across the nation. Especially, powerful big countries abuse fake news and false information using sensitive news to be able to exploit and manipulate small countries. Media can be used easily to accredit or tarnish the image of a country. As such, not only media persons but the entire people need to combat and rebut fake news and false information, through a nationalistic spirit.

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