Colourful booths to be exhibited at Children’s Literature Festival in Yangon

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Pom Pom troupes reharse for opening ceremony of the Children’s Literature Festival at BEHS.No. 6, Botahtaung, in Yangon. Photo: MNA

The Children’s Literature Festival (Yangon) begins today at 9 am. The festival will include a display of the literature of Saya Gyi Min Thu Wun, memorial photographs, as well as many booths, including those displaying children’s literature, a 3D showroom, a children’s reading room, introduction to technology, practical science, domestic work, education, floral and fancy, regional products, environmental conservation, water for electricity, physics, science labs and instruments. Also, there will be booths sponsored by private schools, as well as sanitary mobile booths.
The entertainment programme will also include magic shows, puppet shows, a Myanmar orchestra show (Sai Wei) from BEHS No. (6), an elephant dance from Kyaukse and a music band from MRTV.

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School children prepare for exhibiting their creation yesterday at the Children’s Literature Festival which is opened today. Photo: MNA
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