Commemoration preparations of 800th anniversary of Mogok city

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Visitors seen at the commemoration preparation of 800th anniversary of Mogok City. Photo: Supplied

A commemoration of the 800th anniversary of Mogok city will be held on 29 to 31 March at the Mhone Field in Mogok city.
One of the intentions of the anniversary celebration is to develop the gem industry and tourism as well as highlighting the beauty of Mogok city and the traditional culture of ethnic people in Mogok city. Organizers of the event hope that foreign tourists will visit the anniversary celebration and share their experiences with friends and families in their own countries. At the commemoration, sports competitions, music entertainment and festivities will be included. Burmese, Lisu, Shan and Palaung ethnic people reside in Mogok city which produces world-famous rubies and other precious gem stones. In addition, Mogok city is surrounded by a large number of mountains and it has a fairly temperate climate. The city has many historical temples and pagodas.


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