Community-based immunization campaign to be conducted in Feb: Health Ministry

Photo shows an activity of nationwide measles-rubella mass immunization campaign for chidren.
Photo shows an activity of nationwide measles-rubella mass immunization campaign for chidren.

The second phase of the nationwide measles-rubella mass immunization campaign will be conducted from 19 to 28 February, aiming to meet the WHO’s regional goal of measles elimination and rubella control by 2020, according to the Ministry of Health.
The community-based vaccination programme is also aimed at preventing both infectious diseases in the target-age group of 9 months to 15 years, including all children who were left out, dropped out or missed vaccination at school, Dr Kyaw Kan Kaung of the ministry said.
The health ministry in partnership with both local and foreign agencies already conducted their first phase of school-based immunization in all public, private and religious schools from 19 to 26 January.
More than 8 million children among over 17 million in the target-audience received new combined measles-rubella vaccine during the school campaign, with Myanmar achieving 95 percent coverage in it. With the result that international observers recognize the ministry’s effort to provide national MR vaccination services to the public, the source reported.
At the media briefing on Saturday, the health ministry issued updated information on the community-based campaign, urging parents to continue their involvement.
In Myanmar, it was later found in the higher-aged group of people who failed to get vaccinated, but the country has reached its goal of reducing the risk of a measles outbreak in South East Asia. The previous measles vaccination programme for under the age of 5 was held in 2012.
Measles is one of the major causes of child mortality. Rubella is usually mild in children, but for some people, especially pregnant women and their babies, rubella can be serious, the doctor said.

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