Community prepares to celebrate Venerable Parama’s centenary

Venerable Bhaddanta Parama
Venerable Bhaddanta Parama

Preparations are under way to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Venerable Parama, who will mark his centenary this December after 79 years of monkhood.
The Venerable Parama is abbot of Tar Tun Aye monastery, situated in Satkhingyi village of Mandalay Region’s Mahlaing Township, where he was born in 1915.
Having renounced the material world to concentrate on mediation, the senior monk said spiritual purity is more important than popularity.
Born Mg Ba Thein, he was the eighth son of nine children born to U Kuam and Daw Shwe Myint.
He remained in the monkhood after being sent to the village monastery as a young boy, in the Myanmar tradition, choosing to further his monastic education.
The local community, comprised largely of farmers, is now preparing for a grand centenary celebration at the monastery in December.
The Venerable Parama has led many religious activities in his lifetime, including the construction of pagodas and pagodas and monasteries, and remains totally
self-sufficient, receiving alms and reading with healthy eyes.

Kyaw Kyaw (Mahlaing)

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