Compensation provided to 4 families of Myanmar sailors killed in oil tanker explosion

According to the labour attache’s office, compensation has been granted to four out of the seven families of Myanmar seamen affected by the oil tanker explosion during maintenance in a Mekong River tributary in Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand.
On 22 August, the Samut Sakhon Province social security office disbursed compensation to four families who possessed complete personal details among the seven Myanmar workers who tragically lost their lives in the explosion.
The incident occurred on 17 January around 10 am, involving an explosion caused by residual oil in a pipeline while nearly 30 workers were welding oil pipelines of the maintenance-docked tanker named Smoosh Sea C22.
To facilitate compensation for the deceased’s families, the labour attache’s office, in conjunction with the Samut Sakhon Province Social Security Office, established contact with family members in both Myanmar and Thailand. This effort included verifying necessary documents at the Samut Sakhon Province Social Security Office on 9 February and 27 March, as well as the Mae Sot Social Security Office on 6 June. Arrangements are in progress to expedite the compensation process for the remaining three victims’ families. — TWA/CT

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