Compiling the list of former names of roads, thoroughfares and streets in Yangon local Areas

By: Tommy Pauk

Recording the old and historic buildings and monuments are rather interesting. So is the compiling the old names of roads and streets in Yangon. The Yangonites who are now in late thirties want to know Yangon’s old names of roads and streets. Therefore, they are told the former names of the Yangon’s streets by their grandparents who are still alive as they used to call those names of the streets in Yangon local areas. The intended purpose of this article is to share general knowledge with the young local readers as well as those foreigners interested in collecting the old or former names of roads and streets in Yangon local areas. Actually, this is not a complete list of former names of roads, thoroughfares and streets in Yangon local Areas. However, to some extent, the learners can find some of the former names of streets in Yangon matched with current names on the list.
During the British colony period, most of the streets were named after the prominent British personnel. Some of them are named after some prominent  local people recorded in Myanmar history before independence period. Nowadays, they have already been changed into Myanmar names. Some Yangonites of septuagenarians remember the old names.

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The compilation of the list was contributed by the septuagenarians who were born in Yangon (Rangoon). Some are taken from reliable reference books. Hopefully, this article will contribute to those who learn the history of Yangon. The scholars can acquire historical knowledge including the names of streets used in the past. Normally, each and every city has its own background history and the dwellers use to record or archive the things related to their native city. As we love our native city, we ought to learn or record or archive about Yangon’s former and current names of the streets, thoroughfares and roads.
This article could be informative and entertaining for the readers of both locals and foreigners who take keen interest in Yangon city. Thanks to the contributions made by Yangon city elders and reference of ollilaasanen.wordpress.


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