Comprehensively understand rights and responsibility in workplaces

International Workers Day called May Day initiated a new era of workers in the international community for uplifting their socioeconomic life. Consequently, generations to generations of workers are giving a helping hand to each other for protecting the massive number of workers who are manufacturing quality products with physical and mental strengths.
The development of a country depends on boosting productivity and enhancement of the service qualification, a special emphasis is being placed on enabling workers to enjoy entitlements and peaceful and prosperous workplaces and ensuring the betterment of worksite relations between employers and employees.
In Myanmar, the Constitution (2008) emphasizes the interests of workers in its provisions: Section 24 of the Constitution expresses that “The Union shall enact necessary laws to protect the rights of workers” and Section 31 “The Union shall, to the extent possible, assist to reduce unemployment among the people.”
The government assists in domestic manufacturing for development, shaping the country from importer to exporter, enhancement of the basic education sector, turning out qualified human resources, producing qualified skilled labour, conducting vocational courses in rural areas, and sustainable development of MSME businesses to improve socioeconomic life of the people and generating jobs.
Moreover, the government protects not only workers at home but abroad. In so doing, Labour attachés have been assigned at the Myanmar embassies to Thailand, Malaysia and the Republic of Korea to solve problems and difficulties of Myanmar workers working under the laws of relevant countries. As all Myanmar workers at home and abroad are citizens of the country, the government helps them seek deserved entitlements.
In accord with the Labour Organization Law 2011, the government has allowed 3,015 employee organizations and 28 employer organizations and cooperates with them in all measures. As part of contributing to the economic development of the State with increasing productivity for enabling workers to enjoy social life security and healthcare services, three workers’ hospitals, 96 social security clinics, 58 departmental dispensaries, one traditional medicine clinic, 36 private hospitals and clinics and two mobile medical units are providing medical treatment to the insured workers and issuing monetary compensation.
Currently, workers have a chance to enjoy rights and entitlements in relevant workplaces allowed by businesspersons as well as the government but they have to take responsibility for dutifully serving the assignments to accomplish all missions with might and main. They have to understand their right and responsibility. If so, workplaces, where they work, will be peaceful and prosperous forever.

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