Concern is warranted and vigilance is required

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As part of the efforts to enforce COVID-19 safety guidelines in factories and among the public, the Ministry of Health and Sports announced on Thursday that it will conduct surprise inspections at factories, which have reopened after receiving permission from the government, to reduce the risk from the spread of COVID-19, and will enforce quarantine measures against migrant workers returning from neighbouring countries.
We are confident that these enforcement measures would ensure that there is no resurgence of COVID-19 in our country as we can still contain the coronavirus infection in our country, in which only 326 positive cases have been reported yesterday, of them, 256 have recovered from the disease, and six dead. Why? the total number of COVID-19 cases in our country cannot be considered “high”, in comparison with other countries. This means that, so far, we have contained the spread of the coronavirus. After inspections, appropriate enforcement actions against non-compliant workplaces will be taken. Legal action has also been initiated against those who do not abide by orders and do not comply with mandatory quarantine regulations.
Myanmar migrant workers, whose numbers may be 1,200 on average, are returning home daily through crossing borders during the COVID-19 outbreak. At present, about 23,780 people are quarantined at 6,114 facilities nationwide. According to the Health and Sport’s Ministry, about 50 per cent of COVID-19 cases in Myanmar are imported ones.
Hence, authorities from ministries concerned are advised to enforce the anti-COVID-19 measures on all returnees coming home on flights or via land borders. According to the health guidelines, they need to go though temperature checks upon entry. If they have no fever, and are not persons under investigation or persons under surveillance, they would still need a medical check-up.
Those with medical problems would be referred to a hospital, while those free of infection would be sent to designated places for quarantine.
If those entering the country have fevers, they will be taken directly to a hospital. In this time of crisis, all returnees are responsible to abide by the directives and health guidelines on COVID-19 issued by the authorities. Amidst the spread of coronavirus, granting permission to reopen factories after inspections for complying with health guidelines, along with accepting migrant workers returning from neighbouring countries through border checkpoints are great challenges for the county. gMeanwhile, the World Health Organization confirmed that coronavirus can be airborne indoors.
Hence, in this situation, enforcing health guidelines including social distancing, face masks, extreme cleaning practices and 14-day quarantine is a right step to combat the spread of COVID-19. Concern is warranted and vigilance is required.

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