Conservation efforts need enforcement and top-to-bottom duties and responsibilities

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  • Myanmar’s natural resources need to be managed more effectively, with better waste disposal and responsible land usage.
    Our country is experiencing challenges such as over-extraction of natural resources, improper disposal of waste, emissions from factories, pollution of water, land and air while encountering problems induced by climate change.
    To overcome these challenges, natural resources need to be maintained and managed systematically and effectively.
    In order for the country’s development, environmental conservation needs to be combined and be in harmony with the other sectors.
    Impact on the environment and on businesses is most significant because impacts on environment are also impacts on the people, people’s livelihoods and people’s health.
    For example, in Hpakant, Kachin State, poorly managed jade mines allow access by scavengers. Hundreds of these people die each year from the collapse of the mountains of waste in which they scavenge.
    Another example is in Bago, about 50 miles north-east of Yangon. The Bago River that runs through the town is polluted due to improper disposal of waste from the market. The river water is also being polluted by chemicals from farmland and from wastewater not properly controlled or treated by factories.
    Shrinking mangrove areas, palm trees being cut down for palm oil in the south of Taninthayai, and small-scale mining are causing deforestation.
    Environmental impacts are the biggest problems, and they will impact people’s lives.
    The matter of environmental conservation and climate change needs to be coordinated and conducted up to international norms and standards.
    It is important for the Union government and states and regional governments to work in coordination. The environmental conservation projects need to be approached with thoughts on the duties and responsibilities of states and regions in a Democratic Federal Republic system.
    There will always be challenges and state and regional governments need to do their best to resolve these challenges and the problems of environmental conservation.
    The Global New Light of Myanmar would like to stress the need to speed up enforcement of the rules on sustainability of natural resources nationwide.
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