Consider both sides, not just one, in solving issues

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  • Myanmar is taking firm steps to resolve the Rakhine issue, but, at the same time, other voices are demanding to take quick steps to resolve the issue.
    Some friends have taken a certain approach on how they can help Myanmar and how it can help resolving the issue.
    Some are supposed to be trying to understand instead of making judgements on their own.
    We assume that peace and stability and development in Rakhine is important for establishing democracy in Myanmar.
    Regarding repatriation of displaced persons, the Union Government has carried out short-term and long-term recommendations included in Dr. Kofi Annan’s report and handled by the government.
    Out of 88 points proposed by the Dr. Kofi Annan’s advisory commission, over 80 have been implemented through cooperation and the remaining six to seven points are being implemented through step-by-step approach, as they are considered long-term issues mentioned in the commission’s report.
    A citizenship issue, a long-term issue, needs to be settled through step-by-step approach.
    Steps, including bringing harmony between the two communities in Rakhine State, need to be firm in the long-run.
    What we are working today is to look for peaceful means to address the most complex issue of Rakhine State without jeopardizing our national interest.
    A government has to listen to different views and voices and has to take all different views into consideration, but those outside a country have options to hold a view as they like.
    To solve the Rakhine issue, what we need today from our friends is understanding of the efforts being made by us.
    State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi told the NHK correspondent in Japan in an exclusive interview recently that “I don’t care about the prizes and honors as such. I’m sorry that friends are not as steadfast as they might be. Because I think friendship means understanding, basically, trying to understand rather than to just make your own judgement, but prizes come and prizes go.”
    “There are many people who do not even realize what the situation in the Rakhine state alone is like. Let alone in the whole of Myanmar, but these days, it’s always quick fixes and instant gratification. Everything has to be done immediately and quickly. But we can’t afford to do that, because we have to cope with the consequences in the long run,” she said.
    If our friends really want Myanmar to become a stable country under democratic rule, they should take a constructive approach bringing all sides within Myanmar together to collaborate on thorny issues, such as the Rakhine issue and the peace process which involves the settlement of our differences with the ethnic armed groups at the negotiating table instead of trying to solve these differences on the battlefield.
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