Conspiracy to launch armed attack in Maungtaw District foiled

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Mawlawi Adulamein.

Attempts to carry out violent attacks in Maungtaw District have been foiled and suspects arrested for attending terrorist training, according to  statements released by the State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee yesterday.
Acting on information that a group of suspicious looking men  had been near the village of Tinn May in the Taung Bazar region of Buthidaung township, border guard police forces carried out an area clearance operation in the evening of 7 March, discovering a dwelling house and three small huts in the gorges nearby. Upon searching the gorges, Mawlawi Adulamein, 32, of Kyaungtaung village and Mamed Zubai, 20, of Tinn May village were discovered and interrogated.
Upon interrogation, Mamed Zubai said that he went to Mezaligone to make a phone call to his uncle living in Bangladesh as the Mezaligone had a better internet connection. For illegal use of a SIM card, he was charged under the law of Import/Export Law, it is learnt.
According to Adulamein’s statement, he had attended terrorist training. Marsaung, a teacher appointed by the village living in the 3rd ward of Tinn May village, was involved in the Kyikanpyin armed attack and escaped into Bangladesh to attend armed attack training. He brought five men living in the Kuluparlaung refugee camp to conduct armed attack training in the second week of February 2017 to Tinn May village, Buthidaung township.
Marsaung organized Rawfi, Shaungshoo Arlong, Mawlawi Adukawrein, Mawlawi Marmauk (a) Inus, saying that everyone was responsible to take part in demanding for human rights by means of armed attacks.
Mawlawi Adukawrein and Mawlawi Marmauk told people in the village to support them with money. They received money from Abularshein, Raman, Mawlawi Isu, Norarmein, Mawlawi Marsaung, Marmauk Rawfi, Zarbay, Rawfi, Mawlawi Lobby, Mawlawi Nurularmein, Mawlawi Adukawrein and others.
Then they organised 36 trainees to conduct armed attack lectures on 1 March, saying that each trainee would be paid K3,000 per day.
Rawfi, Harbat Seerar, and Shaungshoo Ahlong have been found to have recruited trainees for the indoctrination and action is being taken against them under the Unlawful Association Act.
During the interrogation, Abularshein confessed that he provided Ks100,000 to Mawlawi Sauli Mullah and Norarmein and Ks100,000 to Malawi Mamauk (a) Al Sud to spend during the terrorist training.

Maungtaw 72
Evidences seized from the suspects. Photo: State Counsellor’s Office Information Team

Acting on information that other people who provided cash assistance to violent attackers were hiding in the mountains near Tinmay Village, security forces searched the area and arrested 13 suspects.
After interrogation, the police disclosed that out of the 13 suspects, six, namely Sauli Mullah, Adu Rawkein, Kayphar Mullah, Mammud, Adu Salam and Adu Yawshi, had been attending the terrorist training and that the remaining suspects were under interrogation for further information.
The local police are making arrangements to send the suspects to the court.
According to the interrogation, the suspects had a plan to return to their villages after completing the training equipped with arms from a neighbouring country to attack the border outposts.
They also confessed that plans were made to open terrorist training sites at Tinn May, Ngamyinbaw, Yinma Kyauktaw and Innchaw Badana villages. They were arrested while attending the first training session at Tinmay Village, according to  the State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee.—Myanmar News Agency

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