Construction of agri machinery workshop in Kanbalu Tsp 80% complete

A regional agricultural machinery workshop is being constructed in the compound of the Kanbalu Township’s Agricultural Mechanization Department, Sagaing Region, by Tech United Power Company, and the construction work is 80 per cent complete, according to U Tun Tun Win, the head of the department.

DSC01357 copy
The construction site of regional agricultural machinery workshop in Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Region.  
Photo: Aung Win Nyein (Kanbalu)

“The regional agricultural machinery workshop is being set up to repair farming equipment of local farmers and to help them save time. We hope this workshop will boost the earnings of local farmers,” he added.
The workshop will provide machinery repair service, sell machines and equipment under instalment payment plans, and buy machines by connecting with other companies, with a view to help farmers shift to modern farming practices. The residents in Kanbalu Township are earning their living through farming.
The Agricultural Mechanization Department is currently conducting long-term projects to boost farmer incomes. Machinery workshops are also being set up in Shwebo, Wetlet, YeU, and Budalin townships.
There are over 400,000 acres of farmlands in Kanbalu Township, of which 100 acres are following advanced farming practices. “Thus, the farm machinery workshop will provide several aids for conducting mechanized agriculture,” said U Tun Tun Win.—Aung Win Nyein (Kanbalu)

(Translated by La Wonn)

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