Construction of Bawdikan Bridge over Ngawun River completed

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The Bawdikan Bridge over Ngawun River in Taninthayi Township of Myeik District of Taninthayi Region is now complete, according to Bridge Task Force (4) of Bridge Department.
The government constructed the 787 feet long bridge located on Taninthayi-Thebyu road at a cost of K3.4 billion. It is 24 feet in of motorway and has a three feet wide pedestrian walkway on each side. The waterway clearance is 66 feet in width and seven feet in height. It can withstand up to AASHTO HS 25-44.
The Myeik District Department of Highways operated the construction of the approach roads in 2020-2021FY spending K1.6 billion, and the department carries out the operations for the well-graded and AC layer.
The approach road is 5,197 feet long—3,970 feet on the Taninthayi side and 1,227 feet on the Bawdi side. Currently, it completes 80 per cent of approach road construction.
The people had to ride the boat ferries between Taninthayi and Bawdikan in the past. If the approach road to Bawdikan bridge completes, the locals can easily reach the villages of Bawdikan, including Mawtaung from the Taninthayi side. — Kayan Soe Myint /GNLM

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