Constructive criticism is healthy for conflict resolution

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  • The UN’s Fact Finding Mission released a report on Rakhine State on Monday that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denounced as a continuation of FFM’s tradition of making groundless accusations, asserting blame and placing boycotts that serve to harm the interests of Myanmar’s citizens, in a press statement issued on 6th August.
    The rebuttal also regarded the report as unhelpful in any way to the resolution of the challenges the nation faces in Rakhine. The ministry has stated time and again that they have opposed the establishment of the FFM and that they do not recognize the report produced by it.
    The current unfortunate circumstances in Rakhine can be traced back to a long-standing tension, caused by poverty and stagnant development, between the different communities that have their own unique history, languages, culture and beliefs.
    This calls for a long-term solution that embodies positive intentions and genuine assistance through a gradual process of trust-building. Meanwhile, Myanmar has to endure a tarnished image in the middle of a one-sided portrayal from international media, and especially western media.
    Myanmar has and will continue to uphold responsibility, accountability and cooperation on repatriation of displaced persons and humanitarian affairs with genuine kindness and right conduct. And it will continue to decisively oppose actions that seek to damage the interests, integrity and sovereignty of the nation and her people.
    Myanmar has rejected the UN Human Rights Council’s moves to establish a fact-finding mission based on uncorroborated allegations and has likewise done the same to the FMM’s report.
    Any sensible person can figure out that conducting a fact finding mission based on unproven information is simply wrong. We could even say that such actions to accuse, blame, pressure and snub Myanmar intends to blemish the interests of the nation and her people, when they should be working together towards reducing conflict in the troubled State.
    Even if their intention to apply pressure to resolve the conflicts and challenges occurring in Rakhine State was based on merit, their course of action is dangerously misleading.
    Myanmar is an independent sovereign nation and values itself on the responsible and accountable attitude it adopts as a member of the world’s family of nations. We are working tirelessly towards a fair, free and equitable democracy.
    The current ongoing issues in Rakhine State are Myanmar’s internal affairs that we and our neighboring countries are devising humanistic solutions through amicable collaboration. In addition, we have also received valuable assistance from understanding friends of other countries.
    In conclusion, we believe that a practical and constructive approach to resolving challenges and issues is the only logically correct way for all of us to take.
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