Constructive role essential in seeking sustainable resolution of Rakhine issue


Myanmar is still facing several challenges in its delicate democratic transition, which needs continued support from the international community.
The international community must play a constructive role in seeking a sustainable resolution that would lead to peace, stability, and development in Rakhine State, rather than laying the blame on Myanmar.
Sadly, some groups and countries in the UN are continuing to exploit UN agencies to exert discriminatory and illegitimate political pressure, with malicious intent for Myanmar.
One clear example is the establishment of the Independent Investigative Mechanism (IIM) on Myanmar by the Human Rights Council. This action is yet another step in a series of unprecedented and discriminatory scrutinizations of a member State.
We strongly objected to the establishment of the IIM, as it was set up beyond the Council’s mandate. It represents selectivity, discriminatory attitudes, and double standards by the UN human rights body. It will only serve the political purpose of those who wish to exploit the HRC for their political agenda.
Some members of the Council have just made a reference to the report of the HRC’s Fact Finding Mission (FFM), which was totally biased and one-sided. Its investigation targeted only Myanmar security forces and excluded violations committed by the ARSA. The report fully adheres to the stories of displaced persons, while rejecting any contradicting evidence.
The FFM ignored reports revealing massacres by the ARSA and discounted atrocities committed by it. Regarding the alleged human rights violations, the government of Myanmar has repeatedly stated that it will act against perpetrators according to law, if the allegations are supported by sufficient evidence.
To investigate all allegations of human rights violations in Rakhine State, the Union Government has established an Independent Commission of Enquiry (ICoE).
The Commission is carrying out its mandate with independence, impartiality, and objectivity, and is investigating allegations of human rights violations based on hard evidence. The Commission is also requesting access to refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh to meet with the alleged victims of abuse. The Commission’s work will be evidence-based. Therefore, the international community must support the work of the Commission.
The Government of Myanmar is committed to accountability in addressing the issue. Therefore, we strongly reject any move to bring the issue before the international judicial system.
The international community must stop focusing narrowly on the negative aspects of the Rakhine issue.

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