Constructive support is key in moving our journey forward

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Myanmar has travelled some distance on its way to creating a democracy, defeating many challenges along the way. The current government is committed to overcoming the remaining challenges.
Myanmar’s transition to democracy is an uphill battle, with achievements and challenges. Though hindrances and challenges remain, we would not take steps backward on this journey.
Regarding the Rakhine issue, which remains a large challenge in Myanmar’s transition to democracy, the government is fully aware of its primary responsibility and has placed the Rakhine issue as it uppermost priority since day-one.
Alongside the Rakhine Advisory Commission’s recommendations, the work of the Independent Commission of Enquiry is an important guide for the resolution, and Myanmar continues seeking a “holistic and inclusive approach for finding a sustainable solution”.
Several times, the government has reiterated its readiness to receive verified returnees since 23 January 2018, as agreed in the bilateral Arrangements with Bangladesh. The Myanmar government is ready to grant all those qualified to return a “certificate of residence”, while those who are eligible can apply for citizenship.
To begin the expeditious repatriation is an urgent need. No one should turn a blind eye on Myanmar’s genuine and concerted efforts for enabling the repatriation.
A critical statement made by a member of the US House of Representatives recently on the Rakhine issue does not reflect the US government, since at a policy discussion on south and central Asia held at the US State Department, the Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs explained that the US stand was to support the territorial sovereignty of all countries.
The statement of the member of the US House of Representatives was based on exaggerated news reports and information. The Myanmar government’s official stand is that it does not accept any act that affects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. The government’s stand will always remain the same.
As it is at a critical juncture for Myanmar in its journey towards a democratic federal republic, Myanmar will not tolerate any non-constructive measures and retributive actions that can lead to disunity among its people and infringement of sovereignty and territorial integrity in the promotion and protection of human rights.
Myanmar’s democracy is young and still incomplete, and it looks to friends the world over to support Myanmar in a constructive way while moving its journey forward.

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