Consumer Affairs Dept receives 140 online complaints in three months

The Consumer Affairs Department has received about 140 online complaints from April to June. Of these, 27 are complaints about telecom services, said U Swe Tint Kyu, Director of Consumers Affairs Department under the Ministry of Commerce.
The Consumer Affairs Department and consumer complaints committees in states and regions are taking immediate action to resolve consumer complaints. Most complaints are about internet speed, delay in fixing lines, and similar problems.
“About 27 complaints have been received after launching the website. At present, the department has received more than 140 online complaints in April, May and June of this year. Out of them, 27 complaints are about the telecom services,” said U Swe Tint Kyu.
“Telecom service providers are promoting their services. Consumers can complain if service provided is not up to their pledges made during sales promotion and advertisement,” he added.
“We are facing unfair situation. There are also many complaints. There is an inadequacy in the Consumers Protection Law in the telecommunications sector. But there are some rules and regulations for the telecom service providers and consumer rights for users,” said U Maung Maung, secretary of the Myanmar Consumers Union (MCU).
The MCU also called on the government to take effective action to prevent the grievances of consumers, he added.
“The government is the main actor in this role, because most of the service providers received licenses from the government. Therefore, the government can control these technical problems. Also, it has a record of these service providers,” he added.
“At the moment, telecom service providers are competing in their promotion of their services. They persuade consumers to use their services through advertisements, even though they are not sure of providing the proposed services in future. That is why we say they lack responsibility and accountability,” said U Swe Tint Kyu.
The Consumer Affairs Department has announced that telecom operators, including service providers holding licenses issued by the Directorate of Communications, are to follow exactly the rights and responsibilities provided to business owners under the Consumers Protection Law, as well as restrictions and prohibitions.

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