Contemplation of the Middle Path

  • Editorial from the Mirror Daily (Kyemon) dated 31st December 2016
  • Just prior to His “Parinibanna” (final entry into Nibbana) Lord Buddha addressed His disciples, “I leave with you My last words—every impermanent thing is subject to dissolution. So, you need to contemplate impermanence and suffering on true nature of Mind and Matter with unceasing mindfulness.”
    All things, physical and mental have the nature of coming into existence and ceasing to exist. Nothing is permanent. Cessation comes just after existence. In the teachings of Buddha, it is said that if we meditate on suffering and impermanence consciously, real peacefulness will be attained.
    We, lay people, enjoy ourselves with sensual pleasures without knowing nor understanding impermanence and sufferings. Thus we torture ourselves while living a life of pain and misery. So, our Lord Buddha teaches us that the Middle Path is free from errors. If we follow the middle path, we will gain the knowledge of the Four Noble Truths and experience peace.
    In the Middle Path, there are eight correct views—right way of viewing things, right way of thinking, right way of saying things, doing what is right or proper, right way of living, exertion in the right direction, right attention and right concentration of the mind.
    Today is the ultimate day of a year. Time ceases every second, swallowing a year. In the last year we are savoring luxuries, torturing ourselves, without ruminating on sufferings and impermanence.
    Tomorrow, we will leave the old year to move into the new one. Today—the present time will be left in the past. We can assess how many good deeds we have done for ourselves and our world. We are the very ones who know the best about us, as to whether we did wholesome deeds or not.
    We should not hold a carefree attitude that time is very long. Looking back into the past will make us notice time is short. Several decades and events in those days are being remembered in our minds. Hence, we should exert our efforts for the betterment of our lives, societies and country, in the remaining part of our
    By taking lessons from our mistakes in the past, we should follow the Eightfold Noble Path which leads us to Nibanna with mindfulness. Failing that, it is just a matter of time before you meet suffering and destruction.
    The old year is going to end and the New Year will usher in Leaving evil deeds in the past without carrying them into the New Year, we call upon all of you to make good efforts with good discipline either for yourselves or for the nation, walking along the Middle Path.

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