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Continue preservation of traditional events in the month of Tawthalin

In Myanmar, people are friendly with natural water areas such as lakes, rivers and creeks where they swim or operate their livelihoods of fishing. Naturally, Tawthalin, the month of the Myanmar calendar, shows the calm of the water surface in rivers and creeks due to fine weather.
Since time in the monarchical era, the traditional boat races have been organized in rivers and creeks in proper nature so as to select outstanding rowers to be royal naval men. Hence, Myanmar lads showed off their brilliant skills in the boat races and if they can be selected as royal naval men, their future will be satisfactory.
Myanmar’s forefathers left a good legacy of holding the regatta festival. They skillfully utilized the waterways for transport and sports to enhance personal capacity. They knew that only then, will their high capacity in the water utilization process be useful in defending the State and engaging in livelihoods.
Of them, swimming and rowing skills are high sports capabilities for Myanmar citizens. Without forgetting the nature of Myanmar which grows up in the natural environment endowed with traditional and conventional farming such as agriculture and livestock sectors, Myanmar people should sustain their skills and hand them down to new generations.
Taking an advantage of the fine weather in Tawthalin, the month of the Myanmar calendar, it is necessary to start transporting travellers along waterways and operate livelihoods based on water sources, while selecting the best rowers to be able to compete in international rowing contests so as to bring honour to the State.
Truly, sports activities based on waterways can contribute much to the skill enhancement of athletes who join international competitions to secure medals. So far, Myanmar rowers and swimmers have bagged gold, silver and bronze medals in SEAP Games, Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games as well as invitational cups thanks to the encouragement of the government.
As such, now is the time to launch sports training as part of preparations before competition in the contests. Those Myanmar athletes need to emphasize the improvement of their skills, stamina and sporting spirit in order to ease the difficulties in training as well as in competitions. Whatever it may be, nobody should forget victories based on the traditional occurrences and events which started in the month of Tawthalin and they should preserve these traditions of Myanmar for long-term existence to be able to hand them over to new generations.

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