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Control the road spillover

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The crowded downtown roads and streets and the sidewalks near the big markets and bazaars are being encroached upon by the expansion of the roadside vendors. As a consequence, there is always a traffic jam either during the rush hours or on holidays and weekends. The problems is not just concerned with the vehicles; it also causes a greater number of traffic accidents. Both the cars and pedestrians are being faced with the danger of road accidents particularly in the evenings when the roadside vendors intrude onto the roads and streets.
Those living on the main roads and streets are using the open spaces in front of their flats and apartments as parking space. Besides, the roadside vendors are occupying both the sidewalks and the open spaces to make their make shift shops or stalls. In the evenings, the shopkeepers from the markets and bazaars become intrusive, selling their goods not inside the markets but on the roads and streets in front of their markets.
As known to all, the roads and streets are built for vehicles and pedestrians to use, not for the roadside vendors and/or shopkeepers from the markets and bazaars. Similarly, they are paved not for undisciplined parking. Their invasion is narrowing the roads for the cars to drive on and blocking the sidewalks, forcing the pedestrians to walk on the roads, rendering them vulnerable to road accidents.
Nowadays, more and more tourists are coming to Myanmar to visit places of attraction. When the tourists see these things, the national image can be adversely effected. They will come to think that Myanmar citizens are not law-abiding. And when the national image is affected, it will be difficult to attract tourists to visit our country.
This sort of road intrusion can be attributed not only to the roadside vendors, the shopkeepers from the big markets and bazaars and those who are using the open public spaces as their own parking lots but also to the regulations of the City Development Committee and the authorities concerned. And what is more, the reckless drivers and the unruly pedestrians are also accountable for the outbreak road of accidents.
This being the case, the Global New Light of Myanmar would like to urge the authorities concerned to reconsider the permitting of the vendors to sell things on the roads and streets and to take deterrent action against illegal or undisciplined parking of the cars.

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