Convocation and Graduation: Minority Parents’ Emotional Feeling At NRDC

Dr. Nyan Tun

The 13th convocation and 14th graduation grand events were held at the convocation hall of Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree College (NRDC) (Yangon). The colorful traditional dresses of the parents create the atmosphere as a small Union family gathering at the campus of the college and how colorful, lovely costume we, Myanmar people, possess! Holding convocation or graduation, actually, recommends the effort of the students or participants the levels they had performed in respective academic fields and recognizes them as the able persons who have the ability and worthy of sufficient knowledge accepted around the world and such events are conducting in every academic institution when the academic term is completed. This is the process of producing human resources to build and develop the family, society, organization and the nation. In fact, NRDC is one of the smokeless factories that produce educated reliable governmental human resources for the present and the future of the nation.
NRDC is affiliated with University of Yangon, once the leading University in Asia that produced well-known scholars and the products of NRDC are nothing to say the reliable human resources for the forces of the nation especially in the border areas and hill regions. In his convocation address, Dr. Pho Kaung, Rector of the University of Yangon, shed light on the gratitude of the successive government and reminds to the graduate students as follow: “The government provides you everything from the time you join into this college so by reflecting the gratitude, you have duty and responsibility to return it with the knowledge and techno how in the fields you are assigned.”
At the graduation function which was held in the following day (27th, October), H.E. Let. General, Ye Aung, Union Minister for Border Affairs, delivered proudly his address and he said, “We have produced the children of our ethnic brothers for the future of the country for 14th times. Today is the proud of nationality brothers living in the regions, states and Self-Administered regions as well as for the country that produces increasing resource governmental staff. The college is a true place where human resources are being produced so I believe you are going to perform your work dutifully: the development tasks of social, economic, health, education and so on as good citizens assigned to you in the separated places. As ethnic youths, in addition to the assigned duties, you should actively carry out by joining hands together on going peace process.”
In response to the media,
Dr. Min Thant, the principal of NRDC said, “We, priority, accept only boys since the college was opened and now we are arranging to accept girls as demanded. We have trained and produced over 2200 nationalities youths with the financial support of the government. We are giving those students two sections in our college: one is giving them related knowledge in their Arts, Science and Engineering subjects and another is training them to be ready in serving as government servants in separated departments. We are lecturing Arts and Science subjects as the syllabus of University of Yangon for engineering subjects as Yangon Technological University. In addition to those subjects, computer skills, ethical behavior and applied culture are taught. Students are providing financially everything such as boarding, messing and so on from 1st year up to 4th year and even pocket money are given to them. The government has to spend eight lakh per student in a year. As adopted policy, we accept the minority nationalities young boy students those who have little chance in their education living in border areas and hill regions.”
What I would like to focus on here is the emotional feeling of minority parents who participated at the convocation and graduation ceremony due to their graduate sons and to whom I interviewed. Whenever hearing their response, it makes me to write this article how our little brothers are lack of knowledge and how pitiful they are! I don’t want to blame any persons who are responsible for this miserable concept that created urban, rural area and hill regions totally different but what a thought I have is due to poverty, leased developed every corner of the regions, unprivileged, conflict and unstable which forces both our major and minor brothers and sisters especially for minority ethnic in the country to live behind the world.
U Wai Mu Shay, the father of Mg Kyaw San Myint, Rakhine ethnic, living in Panninna village, Punnagyun Township, Rakhine State. I asked the first question to him what degree his son would be conferred: Arts or Science or Engineering. His response made me so shock, “I don’t know Sir. I know nothing about his education.” Actually, his son was a B.Sc degree holder. He kept on saying “I have six children and he is the fourth one. Only he has got this degree in the family. I’m really happy seeing this event.” I put him another question ‘How did you send your son in this college?” he responded to me the same answer “I don’t know, Sir.” So who took him to this college? I sent him to Sittway monastery to attend this college and I did not know the name of the monastery. Sir, I’m a farmer how I could know this step. He continued saying, “I really think to my son some.” It makes me wonderful again and I asked him why. “Sir, I have been to Yangon and this college and pay homage to Shwedagon Pagoda and visit other famous places due to my son.” That is why he thanked his son. “I think all of you and the government by bringing my son up as a graduate one as well as a civil servant that makes my head turn up in my village.” The last question what I asked him was ‘How much money do you have to send to your son for pocket money?” “Sir, we are very poor and I can’t send sufficient money to my son but my youngest son is working in China and when he sent money to us I can send it to him.” He wished his son to be a senior officer and he wanted his son to serve near them. Anyway, as a teaching staff, I’m proud of him for letting up his son to be a graduate even though being alliterated.
U Nyay Ral, Kayah ethnic, the father of Pha Rae Ral, a B.Sc degree holder, Wetheku south village, Demawso Township, Kayah State. I wanted to know how he brought up his child and I raised the question and he told me that his son was taken to Wakema parahita (social welfare) monastery in Ayeyawaddy Region from his young hood by his uncle and when the child was high school standard he was brought to Demawso social welfare monastery and he joined this college from that monastery so I asked him the names of the two monasteries but he replied to me in negative. He even did not know that the college provides everything free to all students but he knew that his son will be a civil servant after graduation. He has to send five lakh to his son per year. He was really appreciating the gratitude of the teachers as well as the government. He wanted his son to support them while serving his duty. This is what every parent wishes their kids to return to them for parent- children relation play the most important role in our society and this is fair wish for every parent.
U San Mhat, Palaung ethnic, the father of San Aye, a B.Tech degree holder, Manlon village, Namsan Township, Northern Shan State. He came from Palaung Self-Administered Region and earning with tea plantation in his village and he had been to Yangon when his son got his degree. They came the whole family to Yangon and they had got great chance so they went to Shwedagon, Kyaikhteeyo, Kyauktan and other interesting places taken by their son. For them, their son is a hero who brought them to metropolitan. He wanted his son to perform his work dutifully but did not want his son to serve at their region because the region is not safe place due to arm conflict and he was afraid of his safety what he wanted from his son was that when he got salary, he wanted him to give them a little. “I really thank responsible persons and I don’t know how to say the gratitude of the government”, he said.
U Yin Kyan, the father of Yin Kyan Zone, B.Sc degree holder, Lachaint (Kachin group), Yinkyanzon village, Kwonlon Township, Northern Shan State. He said that he had eight children and Yin Kyan Zone was the fourth one and studied at Youth Training School in Lashio. U Yin Kyan can speak Myanmar language very well, speak friendly and openly and I could guess how clever he was so I asked him the job what he was doing. He is earning animal husbandry in his village and he kept on saying that he was a village administrator. That is why he can communicate very well and he told me that he was a member of people’s council in Myanmar Socialist Programme Party and carried out the job till the party collapsed down and then became a member of village track administrator since State Peace and Development Council took the power and till today in his village. He told me that he wanted his sons to be graduate persons even though he was illiterate. His vision to the future of his son is very clear and he said, “My son belonged to the government for they graduated from this college that provides everything for minority ethic like us so now he had got his degree so he must serve as a civil servant as the government assigned to him.” To my knowledge, he is the real father that he has a farsighted one for the future of his children and this is due to his clever and bright knowledge that learned through his real life so called the life of school. Every parent should be like U Yin Kyan either graduates or not, there is no boundary either lives in remote area or in a township but the mindset should be applied through one’s personal experience or the atmosphere we live in.
U Ba Khin, the father of Kyaw Nyein San, B.Tech degree holder, Bhutheetaung Township, Rakhine State. He told me that he has three children and Kyaw Nyein San is the eldest one and the most reliable one in our family. He came here bringing all his family members because of recent attack in their town and due to security concern. He said, “I want my son to persuade his further studies as possible as he can. I served as a lower clerk for 25 years as a government servant and now earning my family by selling bamboo.” He thanked his son for bringing him to Yangon and he and his family have never been to Yangon so he was a luck one to pay homage to Pagodas. Dealing with current attacks, not only him but also the entire nationalities feel so shock and it alarms us to be united keeping our national and Union spirit among our brotherhood. He kept on saying that according to official statistic there are only one lakh our Rakhine population in Bhutheetaung and Maungdaw but over 7 lakh Bangali. He does not want his son to carry out his job in Rakhine State due to unrest and unsafe area.
The last one to whom I interview was U Kyaw Than, the father of Kyaw Ye Aung, B.Sc degree holder, Maungshin village, Myaepon Township. He is doing odd job and he has six children and his son is the third one and it was only him who had got a degree and he was sent to Sittway Youth Training School and attended this college from that school. He expected his son to be a head master in Sittway. He had never been to Yangon and due to graduation he came to this college. He was really proud of his son and he thought that no one is bright than his son in their township. He also said to me, “I really thank all of teachers who bring up my son as a graduate one as well as the people and government who provide everything for my son.”
In conclusion, in this convocation and graduation, there are 371 students occupying their respective B.A, B.Sc, B.Tech degree. I just wanted to know the emotional feeling of some parents of the students and so long as the questions put forwards to another parents I’m sure I’ll hear unusual and astonished respond of them. Most of the parents are minority because only the minority students are priority accepted in this college. Most of them are simple, honest, illiterate, have know knowledge of atmosphere what is happening around them and they even have never been to metropolitan but they are proud of the success of their sons as the future leaders of the country and they really thank the people, the government, the teaching and administrative staff of NRDC.

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