Cooperation essential for making Yangon a cleaner place

[dropcap font=”0″]T[/dropcap]rash is everywhere in Yangon, the country’s largest city known for its ancient pagodas and colonial buildings. Although the Yangon City Development Committee has been trying to clean up the litter, it can be still found in streets, at bus stops, around shops, in gutters and at various public places. It is not strange for residents of Yangon, as they have been living with this situation for many years, but it makes Yangon ugly for foreign visitors. One foreigner recently remarked that he was shocked to see Yangon residents living among trash.
The problem persists because there are two factors in it, one being the lack of an efficient garbage collection system and the other being careless littering by residents. These two causes should be tackled simultaneously if Yangon is to be transformed into a cleaner and more beautiful city. The city’s garbage collection system should be enhanced, while it is necessary for the public to stop disposing of plastic bags and such in public places. Just ridding public places of litter will make them clean for a while, but there will be a mess again sooner or later if people habitually litter.
Now, it is clear that the problem can only be solved only through the cooperation between city authorities who are to make the garbage collection system efficient and the residents who are to help the authorities by stopping littering. In addition, the residents should also volunteer to collect trash whenever they find it so that city authorities will not be burdened with so much of it to be collected again and again. Cooperation between the city authorities and residents would make Yangon a cleaner and more beautiful city.

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