Cooperation work enhanced to import medicines, medical supplies via land border

The Muse District Administration Team, Department of Trade and Department of Foreign Affairs of Shweli Township directly work together to import the medicines and medical equipment for COVID-19 prevention via Muse 105 Mile Trade Zone from China, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
“The Chinese side has closed the camps due to COVID-19 pandemic. But, the notification of the Chinese government did not mention the protective gears and medical supplies for COVID-19. Therefore, they allow exiting currently and we permit the entry. We communicate with the head of the department of foreign affairs in Shweli. Some donors apply for the imports,” said U Maung Maung Lwin, deputy director of Muse 105 Mile Trade Zone.
A 26-tonne liquid oxygen tank imported by Public Health Department and Fund Rising Committee for Mandalay Urban Development arrived in the country via the Kyin San Kyaut border crossing on 16 July, according to the trade zone.
Moreover, the Muse 105 Trade Zone offers One-Stop Service (OSS) without any holidays for fast importation of COVID-19 protective gears and medicines, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
“We offer One-Stop Services by cooperating with the department concerned at Muse 105 Mile Trade Zone. All the departments are also cooperating to make imports and exports smoother in a timely manner,” said Deputy Director U Maung Maung Lwin.
The Ministry of Commerce works together with the ministry concerned in importing the medicines and medical supplies for COVID-19.
The ministry will also carry out the services in the public holidays as usual as per the SOP. – Than Min Aung (MNA)/GNLM

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