Correctly utilize farmlands to produce foods for people

Agricultural and livestock farmlands are essential for Myanmar. As agricultural and livestock farms are based on farmlands, it is necessary to systematically manage land utilization under the master plan and prescribed laws with the aim of setting future prospects.
The country needs to arrange adequate sown acreage of cultivable lands with the expectation of a 100 million population. Hence, relevant authorities need to supervise the prevention of abusing farmlands in other ways. Anybody needs to take care of avoiding ways and means in expanding residential areas and industrial areas should not take parts of farmlands. It is because everybody needs to maintain the measures not to reduce or lose farmlands in any way as these areas must be used in producing foods for the forthcoming increased population of the country in the future.
As land resources are a kind of resource that cannot increase more, only when the government can systematically manage land utilization for the livelihoods of the people and development of the State in the future will systematic land utilization exist for new generations. Moreover, officials need to raise public awareness about the disadvantages of abusing the farmlands in other ways.
Farmlands under paddy plantations, seasonal and perennial crops as well as industrial crop plantations are located under limits. Hence, authorities need to restrict the use of farmlands in other ways under rules and regulations. On the other hand, people should not abuse their farmlands as residential plots, industrial land, and plots for other buildings. It is because abused farmlands cannot produce crops for the whole country. Loss of farmlands will be a threat posed to the food security of the nation.
Currently, some people allow their land plots to others as a trading measure. They do not grow any crops on the farmlands but construct buildings and fencing at high prices. Hence, it can be seen that some parts of the farmlands were lost in the agricultural sector. As such, all farmland owners need to avoid impropriate ways of land utilization for the sake of the food security of the people.
Section 37 of the Constitution (2008) of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar stipulates: The Union is the ultimate owner of all lands and all natural resources above and below the ground, above and beneath the water and in the atmosphere in the Union and shall enact necessary law to supervise extraction and utilization of State-owned natural resources by economic forces. So, both authorities and people have to follow the provisions of the Constitution by correctly utilizing their farmlands.

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