Corruption Prevention Unit technical workshop 2/2019 held in Nay Pyi Taw

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Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman U Aung Kyi delivers the speech at the Corruption Prevention Unit technical workshop in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday. Photo: MNA

Anti-Corruption Commission, UNDP and UNODC held Corruption Prevention Unit technical workshop 2/2019 collaboratively at Park Royal Hotel in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.
At the event, Chairman of Anti-Corruption Commission, U Aung Kyi said that CPUs have been formed in 14 Union Ministries since January 2019. As there were Union Ministries that deliberately want to have CPUs in them, 32 CPU have been formed at 18 Union Ministries. The commission will report the details of the performances of CPU to the President, authorities and the public in its annual report. CPUs are urged to be practical in realizing their goals with sense of responsibility. CPUs are now operating effectively in some ministries, and as the second workshop will equip CPUs with new program and facilities. Their extensive public service will be available soon.
At the workshop, World Bank Myanmar handed over Proactive Beneficiary Engagement Programme (PBE) as CPU toolkit. This programme will be of great assistance in tackling corruption. This programme will connect each one with members of CPU, and help take action against corrupted officials of regional, state, township, ward and village offices.
Due to the action taken against corrupted officers, now the public is more and more aware of the danger of corruption. As democracy strides forwards in this transitional period, there is better chance of being exposed if corrupt. It is important for the CPUs to be alert to keep their departments from the danger caused by corruption and to be in best of public’s interest. He requested not to cast doubt on CPUs but to offer cooperation.
Then, Resident Representative of UNDP Mr Peter Batchelor said that CPU formed at Union Ministries has been successful. For the success of duty of CPU, they will collaborate with the commission. They take pride in the fact that the seniors officials of the country are enthusiastic about fighting corruption. Good leadership of fighting and good will of people will take time.
Anti-Corruption Programme Manager of UNODC , Ms Marie Pegie Cauchois said that all particiants of the workshop are important for democracy transition. Corruption is a headache for the democratic government and they are making special effort to fight corruption. It is important to find means in fighting corruption and for the people to cooperate. The integrity of the government employees is of utmost importance.
Then, the Chairman of commission and the participants had their group photo taken,
The workshop will be held until 26 July. The Chairman of the Commission and members, experts from UNDP, UNODC and World Bank will take part in the discussion. The event was attended by 156 trainees from 18 Union Ministries which have formed CPUs and the commission office.—MNA (Translated by Alphonsus)

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