Corruption stands in way of development

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The current administration has vowed to ensure a “clean government and good governance” since taking office in 2011. It has passed a number of laws aimed at improving the management of government agencies.
Despite the liberalizing reforms of the government, corruption remains one of the biggest concerns and barriers to development for Myanmar.  Although the government has warned civil service staff about accepting bribes, people are still reporting having to pay extra money at government offices, including additional charges for documents. Small-scale, bureaucratic or petty corruption is the everyday graft that undermines the image of government.
People encounter such petty corruption at public service branches including schools licensing authorities, police and taxation authorities, just to name a few. This petty corruption can undermine the trust between the people and the government, while chronic corruption can damage the economy of an entire country.
The administration and government agencies are like the locomotive and the carriages. If the carriages derail, the locomotive will not move forward. Ensuring the cars are on the right track is like tightening law enforcement. Any plan, at state level or among private firms, needs proper oversight to avoid corrupt activities.
Fighting corruption is necessary to achieve a fair and just society. Without making these efforts, the goals of the government cannot be achieved.

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