COVID-19: Our country at the crossroads


With the number of people testing positive for coronavirus in Myanmar, the virus is quickly spreading throughout Rakhine State. Meanwhile, other parts of the country are seeing a resurgence of the virus infection.
The authorities have imposed stay-at-home orders in Yangon Region’s seven townships taking effect from today. Yangon is expected to see more infections, which also means more hospitalizations.
The Ministry of Health and Sports is doubling its efforts in response to the fast-spreading virus, making the best use of its resources, while expecting the worst case scenario.
Our country is at the crossroads right now: can we quickly contain the fast-spreading virus, or will we see the situation worsen?
Only when we quickly respond to the spreading virus will the outbreak be contained in a short time.
Taking not only health approach but also social, economic, education and political approaches to the pandemic, the ministry is making all-out efforts to effectively contain the spread of the infectious disease.
To effectively implement the COVID-19 control measures at the ground level, it should be worth noting that the leadership and supportive role of social affairs ministers of regional and state governments is sine qua non. Meanwhile, the current situation of the pandemic demands quick tracing and testing, which is critical to containing outbreaks.
The authorities have been tracing those who had travelled to Rakhine State after 10 August, and have implemented travel restrictions to Rakhine State to fight the spread of the coronavirus infection within the state.
We would like to warn the people that one case can quickly be too many.
The people who had a travel history to Rakhine State after 10 August are highly advised to fully cooperate with the authorities in containing the infectious disease.
The outcome of our country’s battle against the pandemic depends on our ability to follow the health guidelines and rules.
Meanwhile, it has been found that announcing health guidelines and information over loudspeakers in wards and villages is a very effective strategy in fighting the infectious disease. Hence, we must use this strategy more in all parts of the country.
It has long been said that information is a very powerful tool in overcoming the crisis.
People are urged to comply with the rules and health guidelines as there are still no signs of an end to the emergency in the country.

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