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COVID-19 patients systematically accepted at COVID centres for healthcare

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Covid tests are underway.

Military hospitals and clinics, transit centres and military training depots in various areas of the Military Command Headquarters are being set up to provide healthcare for COVID-19 confirmed patients, officials said.
In addition, quarantine centres are also being set up in the relevant townships in collaboration with responsible persons, officials from the Ministry of Health and other departments and charity groups.
As of 7 pm yesterday, a total of 112 people: 61 men and 51 women were under special surveillance at the Nay Pyi Taw Transit Centre.
A total of seven men and five women were also quarantined at the Hlaing Township Transit Centre in Yangon Region.
Local medical teams and officials at the respective Military Command Headquarters are assisting with the accommodation, health and medical care of the patients and laboratory-confirmed patients, officials added. — MNA

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