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COVID-19 vaccines provided to people aged 55-64 in Maukmei, Shan State

Vaccination against the COVID-19 disease was introduced to people between the age of 55 and 64 in Maukmei Township, Langkho District, Shan State (South) on 19 September to prevent and control the spread of the disease in the township.
Officials went to and administered the first dose of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine in Honang village-tract and Holoi village-tract, in Maukmei Township. Yesterday morning, the vaccination continued for the people in the township wards at the basic education high school in Zay Tan ward.
Officials from the public health care department, the township general administration department and members of the Township Red Cross Brigade provided necessary assistance to complete the vaccination process.
This is the second time the vaccination against the COVID-19 disease was administered in Maukmei Township, and it will continue in respective villages in the township, it is reported. — Sai Myo Thant/GNLM

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