Those who create fruitless results

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  • On the wrong pretext of the Rakhine State affair, the European Union has made its ex parte announcement that it has put off the inking of the Investment Protection Agreement [IPA] between the European Union and Myanmar. Over the allegation that ethnic cleansing and violations of human rights are being committed in Rakhine State, the EU put off the signing of the agreement of investment protection ex parte. Here we would like to question the EU as to whether such an ex parte announcement to put off the agreement which took time, money and efforts on both sides has the power to create any progress in the Rakhine State affair.
    It need not be explained that there would be no progress in the Rakhine State affair on account of such a deed. Then, why did the EU take such an action knowingly that it would be a fruitless result? It was to demonstrate its position that the EU would never ever accept and neglect such a violation. Here, the EU should note that the Rakhine State affair has not only the human rights dimension but also the sovereignty and economic development dimensions.
    Western powers including the European Union assert that they are well convinced of the sovereignty and economic development dimensions of the Rakhine State affair, but evidently enough they have completely neglected these two dimensions when decisions were made. As for a small country existing among the world’s over-populated countries, Myanmar must actually safeguard its sovereignty, together with preservation of its own national characteristics and identity. Demanding ethnic rights under a peculiar name is tantamount to demanding sovereignty for a piece of territory. The EU’s negligence of the sovereignty dimension of Rakhine State affair is in fact to exaggerate the human rights dimension as desired by them.
    Myanmar and Bangladesh have already agreed through negotiations as regards the process of solving the Rakhine State affair. It must be assumed that the EU’s failure to patiently monitor Myanmar’s efforts has exposed its true intentions. To put it simply, the EU’s decision to ignore the Investment Protection Agreement between EU and Myanmar tantamounts to ignoring the potential development of Myanmar including Rakhine State. Obviously enough economic development is of great necessity in dealing with the Rakhine State affair. We hereby humbly submit that the present initiative of the EU to protect human rights rather than solving the actual problem would indeed be a fruitless endeavour.
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