Creating short films on traffic rules to educate public via news media

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An undisciplined vehicle is seen on a road of Yangon.

At the No 22/2023 coordination meeting, U Bo Htay, the Chairman (Mayor) of the Yangon City Development Committee, announced that they will produce short films highlighting traffic rules to educate the public through the media.
Due to the ongoing rainy season, roads have become congested with vehicles. Given the frequent instances of violations, drivers are now compelled to adhere to traffic regulations. It is imperative to guarantee strict adherence to traffic rules. The process involves drivers themselves following the designated traffic lines. The creation of short films depicting traffic rules and news coverage is also underway. Through media platforms, awareness campaigns will be conducted, aimed at enabling the public to familiarize themselves with these regulations,” he stated.
Between January and October 2022, a total of 385 accidents occurred in the Yangon Region, resulting in the deaths of 322 men and 63 women out of 782 traffic accidents. Additionally, 816 accidents left with 564 men and 252 women injured.
Over 500 passenger buses with undisciplined drivers in the Yangon Region have faced action this week.
“It is crucial to prevent endangering passengers. Our focus is primarily on addressing behaviours such as competative driving, driving in red lights, and driving with side doors open. Apart from imposing fines, there are also measures in place that could lead to the suspension of the driver’s licence,” stated joint-secretary U Lyan Cin Mang to GNLM. — TWA/KZW

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