Crisis drills are expected in post-COVID-19 pandemic

Well-disciplined citizens are the decent citizens that have proper rules and observe them precisely. That is why we need to educate our people about the rights and duties of citizens. Rules and disciplines are of paramount importance in our daily lives, especially in crisis situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
Health authorities have issued rules and directives amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Many people seemed to be unfamiliar with these orders at the initial stage of the pandemic, with less awareness of social distancing and gatherings, as well as personal hygiene.
In fact, people should not be totally condemned for it. If they got enough training to strictly follow the strict rules and disciplines during their school days, they would be familiar with such practices.
Adherence to the rules and discipline during critical periods is one of the factors that can enable people to endure terrible conditions and crisis situations.
In the post-COVID-19 pandemic, authorities need to consider conducting crisis drills at schools for the younger generations. Such drills may require months to plan and develop, may need collaboration with outside experts or consultants for guidance in conducting crisis exercises, and must not be mistaken for a real crisis situation.
When faced with a crisis, people at all levels often fail to abide by simple social rules and disciplines seemingly. It is important to keep in mind that discipline is the practice of choosing between what we want in the near term and what we want most in the long term.
Therefore, crisis drills should be considered at all levels of society, from schools to government departments, to develop practices on how to follow strict rules and disciplines during emergency situations.

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