CTUM calls for actions against employers unless workers allowed off on Election Day

By Nyein Nyein

The Confederation of Trade Unions in Myanmar (CTUM) asked the government to take action against those employers or executives under
the existing laws if the workers are forced to work overtime and not allowed off to vote for the 2020 Myanmar General Election which is scheduled to hold on 8 November 2020. Myanmar scheduled to hold its general election on 8 November, and it falls on Sunday which is a non-business day.
According to the Constitution of the Republic of Union of Myanmar, Hluttaw Election Law, Hluttaw Election By-Law, 2020 Union Election Commission’s notifications, the person who threatens or limits the ability of the voters to exercise the voter right or who suppress the vote will be taken actions under the existing laws.
Some workplaces, factories and work establishments are alleged to make their workers work overtime on that day. It is the suppression of the rights to vote, the CTUM stated. Therefore, the CTUM has notified the workers and executives not to ask the workers to work overtime as it is meant to violate the notifications and rules under the existing laws. Every citizen has the fundamental right to vote. It is considered the duty of the citizens, and we must protect voting rights.
The workers are also required to report to the respective election commission if the voter suppression is found and if they are forced to work and not allowed off to vote on the election day. They must realize that the voting rights are protected by the country under the law, as per the CTUM’s press statement. The CTUM requested the sub-commissions at the state and region, district, township and ward/village levels to ensure every eligible worker has the rights to vote and take action against employers who limit the ability of the voters under the existing laws. (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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